Is your “to file” pile taller than your filing cabinet?

Are your kitchen counters and dining room table so covered with paper piles that you’ve forgotten what they look like?

Does your “to-do” list never get done?

The Organized Way is the solution!


Life can be stressful, but your living and working spaces don’t have to be the cause. My name is Lisa S. Griffith, and I am an organizing specialist and speaker (CPO®) who can help you manage your paper, spaces, and time. My specialties are organizing home offices, business offices, household paper management, and time management coaching.

Looking for content-filled, motivating presentations for your organization or company? I enjoy speaking to groups of all sizes, and can offer classes, workshops and large-group presentations to help inspire your members and boost your employees’ productivity.

If you are looking to eliminate those paper piles, clear away the clutter, and get it all under control, call today. You will save time, money, and be able to focus on whatever is important in your life - family, work, leisure.




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